Tax Planning

When it comes to your money it’s not what you earn, it’s what you keep.

The problem is that the tax codes are often—if not always—cumbersome and tedious to understand and opportunities are missed because they are difficult to find.

There are numerous types of investment accounts, each with their own tax structure. By taking into consideration the unique elements of your financial landscape, we can help you determine and build an appropriate tax strategy.


A thorough tax strategy will include a number of elements such as the implications and projected outcomes of individual, investment, or business decisions, with the primary goal of minimizing tax liability.

Understanding tax codes and investment opportunities can enable you to save money in places you may not have considered. Together we will take a look at your income, gains, losses, and other investments in order to determine the best ways to minimize losses as you invest for the long-term.

We will work with your local tax professional to help identify opportunities within your investment accounts.
A typical tax strategy may include:
  • Minimizing taxable income
  • Reviewing interest expenses and prioritizing paying off debts with high, non tax deductible interest rates
  • Considering investment opportunities such as municipal bonds, IRAs, and life insurance
  • Advising on charitable giving
  • Planning for capital gains/losses

As with all aspects of our services, we have a process for evaluating and adjusting your plan as circumstances change.


We provide clarity and take the guesswork out of tax planning.

Making sense of your taxes can be one of the more confusing elements of financial planning. We can come alongside you to help make sense of the complexities so you can rest assured that you are doing all that you can to direct the distribution of your wealth.