Retirement Planning

Most, if not all, Americans have big hopes and dreams about their retirements. Whether you plan to travel around the world, or just spend time with family and friends, a retirement plan is essential to achieving your goals.

Your goals and ideas of your golden years are unique to you, without a strategic, measurable, and attainable plan in place for these dreams, it will be difficult to achieve them.

Gone are the days of relying solely on a company pension plan to adequately provide for your retirement. The responsibility to reach you retirement goals is now being put on your shoulders, meaning you need to take advantage of your employer based retirement plans (401K) and other savings tools. Regardless of your specific retirement goals, you should start planning now.

Retirement planning is an in-depth process that involves evaluating your current financial situation and determining what it will take to ensure that you have accumulated the funds required to enjoy your desired retirement lifestyle.

A financial advisor can also help you navigate the various elements of retirement planning that cannot be overlooked, such as the rising cost of healthcare, inflation and unexpected events.

Our goal is to help our clients convert the assets and savings they’ve accumulated into the income necessary to meet their retirement goals.

Serafini Financial Group will help you:
  • Evaluate what you need on a monthly basis
  • Identify sources of potential income
  • Coordinate distributions from investments
  • Manage your money in retirement

For the last 30 years, we’ve helped clients answer their biggest questions, ‘will I run out of money?’ or ‘do I have enough money to retire?’ Our team at SFG is committed to helping you answer that question.


Retirement planning should never be left up to chance.

You can rest assured that our team will be on your side through the economic ups and downs that may come through the years and work tirelessly to ensure that there are no gaps or omissions that could put your plans in jeopardy. We want you to rest assured that when it’s your time to retire, you have a plan in place you can count out to provide for your needs and fuel your dreams well into your golden years.