Insurance Planning

Having a proper insurance plan is important for protecting from the uncertainties of life.

Our goal is to present you with options for coverage so that you are prepared for unexpected circumstances.

Many working professionals are satisfied with the basic components of their insurance plan, which typically include coverages for health, disability, and life insurance. While essential to any insurance plan, these three are only the basics and may not be enough to cover unexpected risks. If you are business owner, you have additional risks to consider to ensure that your assets are not in jeopardy.


We work through a series of questions in order for our advisors to better understand your current situation, unexpected risks you may not have considered, and develop an appropriate insurance plan.

Depending on your situation, we will advise you on options for additional core insurance including:
  • Medicare Supplement (Medigap)
  • Life Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance (Nursing Home)

As with all aspects of our services, we have a process for evaluating and adjusting the plan as your circumstances change.


It can be difficult to determine the appropriate level of insurance coverage you may or may not need.

There are a number of considerations to examine and a myriad of risks to consider. We can help you process these decisions and will make recommendations that prioritize your protection. We can provide reputable and trustworthy references should you decide that added coverage is right for you.