Estate Planning

A proper estate plan insures that your wishes are carried out and makes it easier on your loved ones.
Here are several reasons to consider developing an estate plan:
  • Control what happens to your investments, business, and other assets that you have accumulated.
  • Protect your family from needless probate and avoidable stress and frustration.
  • Give yourself confidence knowing that you have a plan and a partner for difficult times.
  • Keep your business running even if something happens to you or your business partners.

You’ve worked hard to accumulate your wealth, now let us help you develop a common sense approach for distributing it.

Estate planning creates a master plan for the management of your wealth during your life and the distribution of your wealth at death. There are many details to be considered with estate planning, and while your attorney may have drafted a plan, we can help you think through and plot out the details of how to implement that plan. If you don’t already have a plan, we can help you get started.

Your specific wishes are our top priority as we work together to determine the most cost or tax-efficient plan for your estate. You decide whom, how, and when assets will be distributed—ideally, at the lowest possible cost.

Our process will cover details related to:

  • Estate taxes
  • Asset protection
  • Charitable giving
  • Providing financial security for family and friends
  • Planning for children of a previous marriage
  • Equalizing inheritances
  • Retiring from a family business

If there are any gaps or omissions in your current plan, we can help identify those issues and work to resolve them now, saving your loved ones, friends or business partners to sort out the questions that may arise. We also work with you to check that the written plan remains in alignment with your current desires, such as beneficiary designation and power of attorney, and will establish a regular review process to keep your plan up-to-date.


You don’t have to walk alone.

The complexity of estate planning can seem like an enormous burden to bear, but you don’t have to bear it alone. We will cover the gamut—from life insurance policies and IRAs to land trusts and tax concerns—and you can trust that we will comb through every detail of your plan. In exchange, you get the confidence you need from both a practical and a regulatory perspective.