Business Planning

Because your business is likely your most significant asset, you understand that the financial success of the business has an immediate impact on the economic security of your family.

Business owners have specific needs and concerns relative to financial planning.

Proper planning can enable you to maximize the value of your business to support your retirement. Our team is well versed in navigating these unique considerations and can assist you with prioritizing and establishing a sound approach for your retirement and beyond.

Our business planning process coordinates the financial management of your business throughout its life cycle.


Here are a few examples of common questions we will discuss during the planning process:
  • How much is your business worth?
  • Have you implemented a retirement plan for your business?
  • Is your estate plan consistent with your business succession plan?
  • What would happen to the value of your business if you, your key employees, or your prospective buyer were to die unexpectedly or incur a disability?
  • Can you diversify your assets today, even though your wealth is tied up in your business?

As with all aspects of our services, we have a process for evaluating and adjusting the plan as your business or personal circumstances change.


It’s very difficult to build a business. It’s even more difficult to enjoy and realize the fruits of your labor.

Protecting the value and legacy of your greatest asset and your life’s work is important. SFG will help you identify and utilize retirement tools that are available throughout the life cycle of your business and through your transition to retirement. These decisions affect not only the business, but also how the business impacts your family, loved ones, and valued employees both now and for years to come. Now is the time to call on a team of a experienced advisors that can guide you through the your transition into retirement.