Nearing Retirement

Now is the crucial time to formulate and implement a retirement plan to provide for your long-term financial future, but do you know where or how to begin? Working with a financial advisor can bring clarity to what may feel ambiguous or opaque. While it’s true that people arrive at retirement from a number of different paths, it is also true that retirement planning must begin as early as possible to ensure you can achieve your retirement goals and dreams.

Some of us look forward to retirement with great anticipation and eagerness to begin a new season.

Others of us anticipate retirement with a bit of trepidation or even dread due to poor planning or unexpected financial concerns. Whether you are nearing retirement or are ready to invest in your long-term financial future now, we can answer your questions and work with you to create a plan that you can look forward to on your terms.


We understand that retirement is one of life’s greatest transitions and comes with high expectation and numerous questions such as:

  • Will I run out of money?
  • When can I retire?
  • How much money will I need?
  • How are my investments working?
  • How much risk is in my portfolio?
  • What will I be able to do with the money I have?

There are many elements to retirement planning and we can help you navigate through them all.

If you trust us to advise you, we will work together to understand your hopes and dreams for retirement and customize a plan within the scope of your current and projected financial landscape. We will consider all options and determine a course of action that will best meet your needs and help you achieve your desired lifestyle.

In our planning sessions we will break down all the details related to retirement planning such as:
  • Investment Management
  • Income Planning
  • Tax Consideration/Coordination
  • Estate planning
  • Life Insurance
  • Long Term Care and Nursing Home Insurance
  • Medicare & Medigap Planning
  • Social Security Consideration

Achieving and enjoying this time to the fullest requires careful planning and preparation.

In our retirement planning process, we will talk honestly through your current budgeting, spending and saving strategies. Let’s work together to create a thorough retirement plan that gives you confidence and creates opportunity for you to realize your dreams for this season of living.