In Retirement

Retirement planning and implementation is not just about money — it’s about living life fully and abundantly. Concluding a lifelong career is a significant milestone that brings about many changes and considerations, some of which you may not have considered.

In this season of life, it is just as important to invest in relationships and activities as it is in your portfolio.

At Serafini Financial we want to help you live life to the fullest and experience all the joys and blessings retirement has to offer. From the simplest joys of eating lunch with friends, to traveling and spending time with family, retirement can be a joyous stage of life. The surest way to accomplish your goals in retirement is by planning for them and for unforeseen circumstances.


You want to feel confident about your investments and have a clear picture of your financial future.

We can help you avoid “Lego Investing” that comes as a result of various investments over the years, that may have been smart decisions at the time, but are not built into a cohesive long-term plan. Each piece may look good but the pieces need to be coordinated so that they are working in sync to achieve your financial plans and objectives. We regularly monitor your investments and make adjustments as your situation changes.

Our process addresses the overall strategy and any questions you may have including:
  • How much you need to live
  • How to generate additional income
  • What to do with my employer based or other investments
  • Social Security strategies
  • Tax considerations
  • Health care and insurance provisions
  • Estate planning and managing legal documents

When you choose Serafini you are not just acquiring an advisor, you are inheriting a family who gets to know you on a personal level to ensure that your plan is working well and suits you as an individual.

You want to be sure you understand what to expect and how to put your retirement plan into action and we can help you accomplish that.

And you can rest assured that once your plan is created you will never walk alone in implementing it. Our team remains available to guide you through any questions you have or changes that may arise through the duration.