September 6, 2017

Meet SFG – Cathy Niewiadomsky

We are thrilled to introduce to you one of our longest tenured team members in this week’s segment of #MeetSFG. Cathy is celebrating her 10 year work anniversary this year as she began working for SFG in April of 2007. When asked what brought her to SFG, she insisted that it was “a total God thing and there’s no other explanation.”

Cathy holds two positions at SFG, one as the office manager and the other as our client service manager. Her daily roles include overseeing the daily operations of the office while providing assistance to our clients for account establishment. Cathy handles and oversees trading and distributions, RMD processing, account transfers, estate settlements, beneficiary claims and countless other requests that may come her way!

Over the past ten years, Cathy has provided and sustained long-lasting relationships with many of our clients and has loved getting to meet so many great people. Let’s get to know her a bit outside the office.

You’re happiest when…?

“Any time I’m with my husband, Hans, is a happy time. And of course my children, Greg & Krista have certainly been the joy of my life! And to add to that I have five grandchildren, two of which I spend every Friday with. I also love working in the yard and tending to my flower gardens, this is something my husband and I enjoy doing together and appreciate the beautiful birds, bees and butterflies that come to explore.”

We hear you like to provide the office with certain baked goods? Do you enjoy baking? What is your favorite thing to bake? What is SFG’s favorite thing for you to bake?

“I do enjoy baking…nothing fancy, just some great recipes handed down by my mother that seem to make it to the table for most family gatherings. If I would have to guess…I believe SFG staff’s favorite baked good that I do would be my Chocolate Cake with homemade Peanut Butter icing (nope, I won’t give away the recipe).”

Describe your perfect Saturday afternoon?

“Saturday is my Sabbath…so following Church the perfect afternoon would be having lunch with family followed by some fun time with the grandchildren.”

What is your favorite Bible verse?

“Psalm 37:4 – Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

“A retired doctor once said to me… “In this lifetime no one will ever really know you like you know you. Be true to yourself, stand for what you believe”. I try to keep this in mind often as I go through my days…a Christ Centered Life, Family and Service to Others is very important to me.”

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Meet SFG – Cathy Niewiadomsky

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