May 29, 2019

Mindful Retirement Event Recap

We would like to extend another thank you to Joni Youngwirth, managing principal at Commonwealth Financial Network®, for speaking at our Mindful Retirement Client Event earlier this month. We would also like to thank Cortland Mansion for hosting the event, and Tim Klick at OneSeventeen A/V for handling the sound and visual equipment.

As Joni highlighted, we all have questions and concerns as we head into the retirement years. Many times, these questions are focused exclusively on finances. You’ve probably thought some of the following:

Are my investments appropriate? Do I have enough money? Can I afford major expenditures? Do I need an estate plan? How do I apply for medicare? When should I collect Social Security?

These are all important financial questions that need to be answered. However, it is also important to define retirement. Your definition of retirement may not be the same as your neighbor, your best friend, or even your spouse. Joni presented us with THE RETIREMENT CIRCLE to help build our personal definition:

How would you rate the importance of each of the areas in this circle? Do you have any desire to start a second career? Do you want to live closer to your grandchildren? Are you hoping to finally relax with a good book, or do you plan to travel the world? Or both? There are no wrong answers. What do you want your definition of retirement to be?

We encourage you to be Mindful of these more personal retirement questions, and please feel free to share your vision with our advisor team. We look forward to the opportunity to helping you have a successful, fulfilling retirement.   

— Nate Hanft

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